MRK Mentors

After our graduates enter school Miss Ruby’s Kids will match them with a volunteer Education Mentor. Mentors spend at least 30 minutes a week visiting the Mentee at school to read, listen, talk, do classwork and support their Mentees educational experience. One-on-One Mentoring can be life changing for a child.  You can make a huge difference in a child’s life!

Mentor Resources

What Happens During a Mentor Visit?

After the Teacher and the Mentor have decided on the best day and time for the visits to take place, the mentors will begin their journey of getting to know the Mentees. The first  several visits will be all about getting to know each other. The Mentors work with the Teachers during this time to help determine the children’s needs and how to structure their visits.

  • Enjoy conversation and work on social skills during a lunch-time visit.
  • Enjoy quiet reading time at the library.
  • Work on classroom assignments that have not been completed.
  • Spend time supporting the child during specific subject times in the classroom.
  • Take a walk to have private one-on-one conversation.
  • Take the child out of the class to work on activities the Mentor has prepared.

Need School Volunteer Hours? We can help!

Because of our faithful volunteers Miss Ruby’s Kids is able to grow, thrive & succeed in providing brighter futures to the children of Georgetown County. We are always seeking new people to join our dynamic team & continue making a difference in our community.

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