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Parent Child +

Each year Miss Ruby’s Kids recruits families with two-year-olds to participate in our two-year program. Families are paired with an Early Learning Specialist (ELS) who, whenever possible, resides in their community and shares their language and cultural background. The ELS will visit each family twice-weekly in their home, at a time convenient for them. During the first session of the week, a book or educational toy will be gifted to the family and used to model reading, conversation, and play activities designed to stimulate parent-child interaction, develop language and literacy skills, and build school readiness. Each gift comes with a curriculum guide sheet with additional literacy and educational activities for the parent and child to engage in until their next visit. During the second session of the week, the review session, the ELS will again model reading, conversation, and play activities, encouraging parents to engage their children with the book or toy and to ask questions, while providing encouragement and praise for all their efforts. Through this process, parent-child verbal interaction increases, and parents/primary caregivers learn new approaches to parenting, discover how to create literacy-rich home environments, and prepare to be their children’s academic advocates. Children learn early on the joy of reading and develop language, literacy, and social-emotional skills that are critical to school readiness and school success.

In-Home Family Child Cares (FCC)

Family child care, or home-based care, provided in the community is often the most available, convenient, and cost-effective child care option. Family child care providers work very long hours for little pay and often have limited access to quality training and professional development opportunities that are affordable, convenient, and relevant to their daily work environment.

Miss Ruby’s Kids utilizes The ParentChild+ Family Child Care Model, which increases the knowledge and skills of family child care providers. The model builds on extensive experience in developing language, literacy, and learning-rich home environments. Similar to our ParentChild + program, Early Learning Specialist complete home visits twice weekly to work one-on-one with child care providers to support school readiness and family engagement for all the children in their care.

Miss Ruby’s Kids supports little libraries located in rural, isolated areas of Georgetown County to provide free age-appropriate books & school supplies to all children in Georgetown County.

Founding Sponsor – Ms. Eleanor (Pixie) Kubeck

Library Locations

Holy Cross Faith Memorial Church

• 88 Baskerville Dr (by Smith Medical Clinic)

• 367 Parkersville Rd (across from Mt Zion Chirch)

Sponsored by Open Books, Open Minds & Club 142 United


• 330 Dozier St. GT County Dept of Social Services- 2 libraries
Sponsored by Georgetown Presbyterian Church and 

Sponsored by Open Books, Open Minds & Club 142 United

• Green Acres Mobile Home Park at Haven Drive and Apollo Trail (at the Mailbox Kiosk)
Sponsored by Georgetown Presbyterian Church

•Harmony Hills Mobile Home Park at the Club House
Sponsored by Bunnelle Foundation Youth board


Andrews Rec center 202 S Cedar Ave (at playground)

Sponsored by Duke Energy


• Miller H Floyd & Son’s Grocery- 1758 Folly Grove Rd (Folly Grove Community)


• Plantersville Elementary School  (parking lot)
Sponsored by Bunnelle Foundation Youth board 

Coming soon!

Gentle Dentistry Andrews and Georgetown!

(On porch)

Twenty minutes of reading a day can change your child’s life. Studies have shown Starting in kindergarten, if a student reads 20 minutes a day at home, they will hear 1.8 million words per year. They will have read for 851 hours by 6th grade and on standardized tests, they will likely score better than 90% of their peers. This is compelling data on the benefits of encouraging your child to read.

Miss Ruby’s Kids wants to do our part in making sure that not only are the children of Georgetown County entering school prepared to be successful, but we also want to ensure that children throughout the community have access to books. Little Ruby’s Libraries are a gift to neighborhoods that we hope will be heavily utilized and enjoyed. We hope that your child embarks on numerous page-turning adventures.

With the launch of our Little Ruby’s Libraries, we want to introduce our monthly 20for20 Challenge. We want to reward our readers of all ages and grades, from the tiny tots with board books to the high schoolers being introduced to Harper Lee. Let us reward you for taking steps that will lead to a brighter future.

2020 Graduation!


Miss Ruby’s Kids enables identified families and caregivers to inspire a passion for learning in their children. We help prepare parents to be their child’s first, best teacher and support both parents and child throughout the child’s school career.


All children in Georgetown County will enter school prepared to learn, supported by their families, and will graduate from high school as productive citizens of their community.

Core Business

Inspiring caring adults to guide a child’s school success.

Your donations ensure that Miss Ruby’s Kids continue to have success in their schooling through our programs and mentoring.

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